Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Week 13- Injuries are part of the deal

It is Wednesday, four days since my long run. My right foot has been causing me a lot of pain when I put any weight on it. But it was time to run again. I had to test it. I went on the dreaded treadmill for 33 minutes, doing intervals. Three minutes fast and three minutes slow. My foot hurt but it was not unbearable. It hurt less while I was running than when I am walking (what does that mean?). I worked out hard and then iced it for a while. I do not know what this injury will mean for my future trainings. I am hopeful the pain will fade.

My training plan is to run three times a week for the next 10 weeks. On every other weekend, I will do my long run, increasing the time by 20 minutes to get to a maximum time of a 4 hour run. That last long run will take place during week 4. That should be about 20 miles. That is the max I will train in distance. After that, I will run only short distance for the three weeks before the marathon.
I am very scared about my foot getting worse but I have to be positive and I have to understand that I will hurt body parts during this training. IT IS 26.2 MILES.

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