Monday, January 18, 2010

End of week 16- 5k Race

Sunday morning I headed to Robert Moses Park to complete a 5K with friends. It was freezing at the beach and I was not happy to be there. My friends were very positive and really pushed me to "get over it" and run fast.
I felt very good during the race and had no pain in my legs. My first mile was slow, about 9 minutes. I had a lot of energy so pushed a little harder. My goal was to compete the 5k at my PR which is 8:30 minute, finishing at 26:30. When I saw the 9 minute mile, I felt pretty defeated about reaching my goal but decided to at least move a little faster.

I finished feeling bad but not so bad that I wanted to throw up. I ended up with a time of 26:48 coming in 16 out 70 in my division. I felt good with that number especially since I had no painor injuries which is so important when you are training for a marathon.

Next run should be on Tues. but not likely with no babysitters around and I have a meeting at night. Also must complete my long run sometime during this week (week 15) and attempt 2 hours and 30 minutes, non stop!

I read a fanstastic book last week about the NYC Marathon called "A Race like No Other." Favorite quote- "you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

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